Watershed Management

What is a Watershed?


A watershed is any area of land that drains to a particular body of water including rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and wetlands.







Watershed management is the study of the relevant characteristics of a watershed aimed at the sustainable distribution of its resources and the process of creating and implementing plans, programs, and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions that affect the plant, animal, and human communities within a watershed boundary.  Features of a watershed that agencies seek to manage include water supply, water quality, drainage, stormwater runoff, water rights, and the overall planning and utilization of watersheds. Landowners, land use agencies, stormwater management experts, environmental specialists, water use surveyors and communities all play an integral part in the management of a watershed.

***To zoom in on each individual watershed, of those we have mapped, click on the name of each creek or river.

Indian Creek Redstone Creek Jacob's Creek George's Creek

How we can help

At the Fayette Conservation District, we focus on the following points to help the local communities:

  • Provide the local community with information on watersheds, water pollution, watershed restoration & watershed protection.
  • Help interested residents form & maintain local, grassroots, watershed organizations to preserve, protect & restore their watersheds.
  • Provide technical assistance, watershed planning & watershed outreach services to local community.
  • Provide assistance to Fayette County groups & organizations submitting Growing Greener grant applications for watershed based projects.
  • Complete studies & projects within the county to identify & clean-up water pollution.


  • Watershed Assessments
    Morgan Run, Dunbar Township
    Jonathan Run, Stewart Township
    Browns Run, German and Georges Township
  • Abandoned Mine Drainage Remediation
         Morgan Run, Dunbar Township
  • Acidic Stream Remediation
    Ramcut Run, Henry Clay Township
  • Invasive Plant Controls
    Cooperative Weed Management Area Development & Support
  • Conservation Planning
         Rasler Run, Springfield Township
    Ramcat Run, Henry Clay Township
    Back Creek, Saltlick Township
  • Non-Profit Assistance
    Fundraising Trainings/Workshops
    Membership Development
  • Outreach & Education
    Non-point Source Pollution Env. Ed Campaign
    Fayette County Children’s Water Festival

How YOU can help??

Click on the links below to get details on what each type of pollutant is and how YOU can help reduce the amount of pollutants entering our waterways.

If you have questions regarding watershed services, please feel free to contact:

Heather Fowler – Watershed Coordinator
(724) 438-4497

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