A Conservation District is a legal subdivision of state government,
responsible under state law for conservation work within its boundaries.  
The boundaries in Pennsylvania are along county lines.  The purposes
of conservation districts are:

To focus attention on land, water, and related resource problems.

To develop programs to solve such problems.

To enlist and coordinate assistance from all public and private sources
that can contribute to accomplishing the district goals.

To make all citizens aware of the interrelationship between human
activities and the natural environment.



Conservation Plan Development

County Envirothon

Dirt and Gravel Road Program for municipalities

Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Plan Review and Inspections

Environmental Education Programs/ Presentations

Fayette County Children’s Water Festival

Fayette County Ag Fest

Nutrient Management

Technical Assistance

Various Community Service Opportunities

Watershed Group Organization and Assistance



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